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For the 2020 season, we wanted to add a way for our farm supporters to get a deal when you pre-buy a quantity amount. This pre-order farm store discount is designed to offer you the ability to purchase at a discounted rate either Seasonal Harvest Boxes anytime throughout the 2020 season, or you can also shop on the farm store and build your own shopping cart by selecting any food items that you would like. Buy spending a larger amount upfront ($100), we will give you 20% towards your total purchase by giving you $120 in credit to shop on the online farm store.


You will be issued and emailed 6 unique one time use discount codes, for $20 each. ***Please allow 24-48 hours for codes to be created and emailed to you, do not misplace or lose these codes as they are valued as cash*** That can be used in our farm store for the entire 2020 season, and will expire on January 1st, 2021. These can be used for any food items that we sell, ranging from individual items, bulk items, to Seasonal Harvest Boxes. You can also give codes to friends or family, if you'd like to give them credit to use in our online farm store. Your minimum order each time has to reach $20 or higher, and then apply your code at checkout.


The $100 pre-order is designed to match with our $20 Seasonal Harvest Box ($20 boxes from 2019 are pictured, and vary throughout the season based on current selection and availability). A typical $20 box will include between 9-11 different types of crops, and a total of around 13-17 actual individual items with a combination of both vegetables + some herbs, these boxes become available to order starting around May. You can spend your farm store credits like a traditional CSA box, and buy a $20 box every week if you'd like. You are essentially buying 5 boxes, and we would give you the 6th one free (as your 20% discount). We will also offer individual vegetables and items for sale, and bulk quantities of items. Your discount codes can be applied towards these items instead if you'd like.


We are streamlining our Seasonal Harvest Box pricing this year, and will be offering weekly boxes priced at $20, $35, and $50. To see some of the Seasonal Harvest Boxes we offered in 2019, visit our blog post here. When you purchase these boxes there is no requirement to signup and no amount of commitment over many weeks. You choose when you want to buy, and the delivery day at checkout and we will bring your vegetables right to you. We offer our Seasonal Harvest Boxes in order to make it accessible to support local farming while still getting a quantity of vegetables. Our boxes are already discount priced because you are getting a quantity of items together, so by purchasing this farm store discount, it will give you further savings off the total price.


To see all the different ways you can support local farming and access fresh food at a great deal from our farm this season, read our blog post 'Ways to support Full Lotus Farm in 2020'. We will be offering individual items, bulk quantities, and Seasonal Harvest Boxes.

20% Off - Farm Store Discount - $120

  • All sales are final, returns cannot be issued for this item.

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