Ways to support Full Lotus Farm in 2020

This season we are continuing to bring our local community healthy delicious food, at an affordable cost for both us to produce and our farm supporters to be able to purchase, we are rolling out a few new things in 2020 and wanted to keep you updated.

To recap for those who may not already know, in 2019 we transitioned to an order online and local delivery system for the convenience of our community, which was loved by many based on the feedback we received. We know that people lead busy lives with work, school, kids, and any number of different things we each have going on in our lives (which hopefully returns to normal for everyone soon). We realized after our experience of previously providing a CSA in 2018, that model of farming limited the amount of people that could support local farming based on price and accessibility. Not everyone has the time or ability to drive to pickup their CSA share or go to the market on the weekend when into your normal schedule and routine, and do that for a period of 20 weeks (or more) throughout the growing season, plus not everyone can realistically afford or justify spending anywhere from $350-$975 on a CSA share depending on which local farm you choose to join. We do believe that it is a positive thing for as many people as possible to be able to support local farming, which is why we decided to do an online storefront in order to further streamline our process. One thing we found out through talking to our customers is that with our online ordering and delivery system we actually have many local supporters that are also CSA members of other farms. So it was great to see our community supporting more than one farm if they are able to, which was made possible by keeping our farm store options affordable, and by providing varieties that our supporters may not be able to get through their CSA. Overall, more local community sourcing their food from more local farms is the ultimate goal. So we are happy to continue offering and expanding on what we provided last season, and we are adding some ways to support our farm for 2020.

Farm store discount packages:

- We sometimes get asked if we have a CSA, and we wanted to create an option for our farm supporters to get an increased discount when spending a larger dollar amount and pre-ordering from us. So this season we are offering a special Farm Store Discount of 20%, when you spend $100, $175, or $250 purchased upfront. You will actually get credit to spend in our online farm store for 20% more than those amounts that can be used all season and expires January 1st, 2021. You will receive a credit for $120, $210, or $300 depending on which option you choose to purchase that will be issued in the form of 6 individual one time use discount codes ($20 x 6, $35 x6, or $50 x 6). These amounts are meant to directly correlate to our Seasonal Harvest Boxes that we are offering this year, priced at $20, $35, and $50. So if you buy the Farm Store Discount package, you will be buying 5 weeks of boxes, and get your 6th week for free (as your 20% discount). It's essentially a micro 6 week CSA option, if you'd like to use it that way. The great thing about this pre-order pricing, is that you aren't limited on only having to buy Seasonal Harvest Boxes. You can also use the credits towards just shopping for individual food items on our online farm store, or also buying bulk items. You can use multiple credits during one purchase if you'd like, or spread them out over the entire season. You can keep all the codes to use yourself, or give one or two to friends and family. But if you're looking for that traditional CSA feel, you can get a box for whatever week you'd like and even skip weeks that you may not need the veggies. Our Seasonal Harvest Boxes are already offered at a discount price because you are getting multiple items together, so this will only further increase your discount.

You can purchase a package here:

- 20% Off - Farm Store Discount $300 - Cost $250

- 20% Off - Farm Store Discount $210 - Cost $175

- 20% Off - Farm Store Discount $120 - Cost $100

Expanded selection of individual items:

- We will be increasing the quantity of varieties that we grow in 2020, to offer a wider selection of individual items. Last season in 2019 we grew a lot of different things as trials (testing out how they work for us with our production methods), and found a lot of things we want to add and expand on growing in 2020. When shopping in our online farm store, you can select whatever individual items you would like in the quantity you want, just as if you are grocery shopping in the store.

Expanded selection of Seasonal Harvest Boxes:

- We are streamlining our pricing for this season on our Seasonal Harvest Boxes and will be offering them in 3 sizes and prices: $20, $35, and $50. The $50 box is a new addition this season, and will provide the ultimate selection of whatever items we have available that week and will seasonally include other items like honey. Our Seasonal Harvest Boxes are able to be purchased at anytime with no commitment, and offer a selection of what is currently available from the farm at a discounted rate by purchasing multiple items together. To see some of last season's boxes, check out our blog post here.

Bulk discounts and a larger selection:

- We did offer some items in bulk last season on our online farm store, but we are expanding this option for 2020. We will be increasing production on certain things in order to offer large quantities for preservation. Last season we offered items like garlic, rhubarb, and asparagus to be purchased in larger amounts at a discounted rate. Our bulk discount pricing and availability will benefit those looking to increase their personal self-sufficiency, by being able to preserve items for year round eating.

Thanks again for all the support we have received we love being able to grow food for our local community and we know 2020 is going to be a great season of providing more delicious veggies for everyone.

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