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No-till Farming

Regenerative methods that enhance the land and build resilient ecosystems.

Permaculture is described as the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. No-till farming increases organic matter retention and cycling of nutrients in the soil, while also decreasing erosion. Permanent cover crops such as clover are used in order to provide nitrogen fixation to crops, along with multiple other benefits to the soil. Organically grown straw plus composted and fresh wood chips used for mulch helps the soil retain moisture and increases beneficial microbe and mycorrhizal fungi activity towards the soil's surface where these important and necessary soil activities are more concentrated. This combination of naturally increasing organic matter in the soil along with reducing erosion equals increased soil fertility and higher yields. A regenerative, sustainable, and productive way to farm the land both short and long term. These methods actively contribute towards soil carbon restoration / sequestration, which is necessary for our environment and ecosystem to thrive.

We use no synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, treated seed, chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, ever. We are committed to using growing methods that will enhance and preserve the land and environment for generations to come. Our practices are defined as human scale regenerative within our main annual and perennial crop production areas, and because we do not use a tractor to till, plow, cultivate, disc, seed, or transplant this greatly reduces / eliminates our: fossil fuel use, soil compaction, erosion, and carbon loss from the soil that is associated with mostly all other annual vegetable and flower farms.


Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown and we will always be committed to using the most ecologically sound farming practices available.

The farm land has a rich history having been organically farmed for over 20 years prior to us being here, and it is forever protected from development by Genesee Land Trust.


Genesee Land Trust preserves and protects natural lands and waterways that enhance the quality of life in the Greater Rochester region – providing wildlife habitat, locally grown food, and connections to nature – for everyone. To learn how to volunteer or donate to the Genesee Land Trust visit: http://www.geneseelandtrust.org/

Message from the farmers

From our farm fields to your table we are building a connection between the land, the farmer, and your food. This direct relationship allows us the ability to provide a wide variety of freshly harvested fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers to our local community. We use regenerative permaculture no-till farming methods that focus on building healthy soil by increasing soil organic matter, sequestering carbon, and increasing biodiversity (plant and animal species on our farmland). Because we don't till, plow, cultivate, disc, or transplant with a tractor anywhere on our farm all our work is human scale regenerative and our crop production methods are not reliant on tractor use, so this greatly reduces / eliminates our: fossil fuel use, soil compaction, erosion, and carbon loss from the soil that is associated with many other annual vegetable or flower farms. The practices we use focus on creating thriving ecosystems full of biodiversity, and are also climate resilient because they can withstand drastic weather changes and fluctuations. Holistically managed heritage breed livestock live a natural stress free life on our farm too, and they also contribute to the farm's pastures / fields by sequestering carbon into the soil through managed rotational grazing. When you choose to support our farm it helps to ensure that regenerative farming practices will have a secure future ahead, continuing to enhance our local environment and ecosystem for generations to come.

What we grow

Heirloom & specialty varieties freshly harvested, from our farm to your kitchen.

We offer a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are full of history and flavor. We specialize in growing heirloom varieties because we appreciate their diversity along with their complex and delicious flavor profiles.

There are many varieties from around the world that we love to grow, pictured are some of our favorites. By using regenerative permaculture no-till methods of growing, the flavors of our crops are of some of the highest quality that you can find locally. This is because when crops are grown in soil that is the healthy, balanced, + full of life from not being mechanically disturbed the crops are able to reach their full genetic expression. Everything is harvested with precise timing as to it's ripeness, in order to provide the freshest ingredients for your recipes along with maximum storage life. Our methods utilize growing practices used in organic farming, but go far beyond that into regenerative. The way we grow vegetables works with nature's systems which helps enhance the surrounding environment. Our growing and cultivation methods actively restore and sequester soil carbon and we do not use a tractor in our fields for tilling, plowing, cultivating, seeding, discing, or transplanting because those farming practices disturb the soil food web and result in an imbalance to the surrounding ecosystem both below and above the ground. The traditional practices that most farms use (even certified organic farms) can contribute to soil erosion + compaction, lack of biodiversity, and carbon loss from the soil. We do the majority of our field work the old fashioned way, with our hands. Human scale regenerative agriculture leaves the environment in a better state than where it started.

Some of our favorite varieties to grow are from Thailand and Lebanon, as our family and cultural history are rooted in those countries. We have both grown up enjoying, eating, and cooking authentic Thai and Lebanese dishes passed down through generations in each of our families.

What we grow can be used in a diverse selection of original and traditional recipes from many cultures. We strive to have something for everyone, no matter what your personal taste preferences are.