Total Pounds Donated in 2020:


Donating fresh vegetables, with the help of my niece who is also passionate about helping our local community. This was one of our farm's first donations from back in 2019.

Giving Back to our Community

Growing healthy food for our community is our passion and being able to donate and give back is also important to us, since there are many individuals and families worldwide that suffer from malnutrition and food insecurity either from a lack of access to healthy food or an ability to afford the cost.


As we continue to expand our farm's production capacity we are also striving to increase our donation amount every season. In 2019, we donated over 200 lbs. of fresh food locally. For 2020, our goal is to at least double that amount and donate 500 lbs. of fresh food back into our community. We donate fresh harvests to our local food pantry to be distributed and to also be used in their free lunch program. Moving forward we hope to expand to be able to donate directly to individuals or families in need, or other local food pantry / free lunch programs.

Our long term goals include being able to add a commercial kitchen onto our farm in order to preserve harvests and donate canned items that can be stored longer and used year round. This will allow us the ability to reach further with our donations and allow our local community to have access to canned items that are produced with quality fresh ingredients.

We want to expand the ability to contribute to our donation process for anyone who wants to help give back and have a positive impact on our community. You can contribute any dollar amount you would like and that will be directly applied towards donating fresh food locally. If you would like to contribute a larger dollar amount, it will go towards helping build the necessary infrastructure we need in order to further expand our donations and community outreach capabilities. We are thankful for all the support our farm has received, and we look forward to continuing to increase our local food donation amounts with your help.

**we are a for profit business so your donation is not tax deductible**

Contribution Amounts / Use

$1 - $300 : Your dollar amount contribution will purchase the equivalent amount of vegetables to be donated locally.

$300 - $3,000 : Applied towards infrastructure for field production areas dedicated to growing for year round local donation - seeds, straw, hoop house season extension, fencing, etc.

$3,000 - $15,000 : Add / expand additional on farm enterprises to be able to increase our donation diversity and quantity - regeneratively raised beef, pork, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables, etc.

$15,000 - $30,000 : Construct on farm worker / volunteer housing and implement full training program to teach members of our community how they can grow food in a regenerative holistic manner and donate food locally to the community.

$30,000 - $50,000 : Implement feasibility and construction plans for commercial kitchen, including purchasing and installation of all necessary equipment.

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