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Coming in Summer.


Som Tum Kit - $13


A spicy fresh Thai favorite dish we love to make. Green papaya has been shown to have multiple health benefits, and the raw garlic and peppers in this really clears out your system along with the fresh lime. One of our favorite dishes to enjoy year round as you can freeze peppers and beans to use year round. Full recipe coming soon.


What's included:

- Green Beans - 1 lb.

- Cherry Tomatoes - 1 pint

- Garlic - 2 heads

- Thai Peppers - 1/4 lb.


What you need to purchase / add:

- Green Papaya (from Asian grocery store, they sell them green)

- Limes

- Nampla (Fish Sauce)

- Peanuts

Som Tum Kit - Thai Green Papaya Salad

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