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The seasonal harvest box is a weekly offering of what is currently in season from the farm. Giving you a selection to get creative in your kitchen or have a little extra produce to share with friends or family, with what we are currently harvesting on the farm for the week. It is also a great way to try new items from the farm. Our goal with offering a seasonal harvest box is to provide you a selection of what is available and in season locally, without having to overthink it too much. We also want to provide you a great deal by purchasing multiple items together.


This week's seasonal harvest box includes:


- Asparagus - 3 lbs.

- Green Garlic - 3 bunches

- Onion Chives - 3 bunches

- Oregano - 3 bunches

- Wild Thyme - 3 bunches

- Winter Savory - 3 bunches


These items purchased individually would cost $42, but by purchasing a seasonal harvest box only costs $30.

Seasonal Harvest Box

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