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Salad Kit - $13


Two big heads of lettuce and chives, radishes, salad turnips, spring onions or subsituted with other salad ingredients. All the fixings you need for a huge delicious farm fresh salad that can be served at dinner to feed 2-4 people, or a great option for meal prep. Items other than heads of lettuce may be subbed based on seasonal availability, but will come with 2 heads of lettuce and 4 additional ingredient options. Full recipe options coming soon.


What's included:

- Lettuce - 2 heads

- Radishes - 1 bunch

- Scallions - 1 bunch

- Turnips - 1 bunch

- Chives - 1 bunch


What you need to purchase / add:

- Dressing

Salad Kit

  • For delivery options and delivery area details visit: Farm to Table Delivery


    When placing your order, select the correct delivery option at checkout and also complete your delivery info.

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