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Pyrex Primary Color Refrigerator Set, 8 pieces total - $98


A classic functional favorite, the pyrex refrigerator set. Great for storing leftovers or weekly meal prep. A more environmentally friendly reusable option than using plastic containers to store food. Pyrex is known for it's quality and can be handed down generationally. Stacks and stores easily, as the lids can be turned upside down for nesting. This set is in like new condition, the color is vibrant, virtually no markings on the outside considering the age of this pyrex. There is a small chip on one of the lids of the red container (see photos), but does not hinder use at all, and doesn't make the glass edge sharp. An overall goregous set.

Vintage Pyrex Primary Color Refrigerator Set

  • There are no refunds or exchanges allowed on any sheep wool, handmade, vintage, or secondhand items. Due to the limited availability of these items, all sales are final. Please be completely sure of your purchase before finalizing your order.

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