Delicious, freshly harvested garlic. Nothing beats the flavor. This is one of our favorite times of the season to use large fresh garlic for pickling or pesto, so that it can be enjoyed year round. You can also dehydrate it and make garlic powder.

To have access to fresh garlic to use in your recipes is worth the limited time it is here for. Our harvest is happening currently and if you want to grab some for yourself, this is the time!

This garlic will come with the stems trimmed and partially cured, so you will need to complete the curing process which is simple and easy to do. Visit our blog post to learn more about how to complete this process successfully. Once fully cured this will allow your garlic to last for the next 6 months or longer (until at least February 2020). 

Our stem cured hanging garlic generally lasts until June 2020, and that will be available for purchase sometime in September. You will still get a nice long amount of storage time and also use it as seed garlic if you would like. If you love cooking with garlic or preserving it, this is a great way to get a large quantity of gourmet garlic.

Fresh Garlic - 3 lb. Bulk ($6 / lb.)

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