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Dried flowers grown on our farm this summer arranged in a handcut and drilled black walnut wood base. Wood base is 6", total height is approx 12".


The black walnut wood that is used in this project is ethically sourced from our farm yard cleanup this fall which included removing a few black walnut trees that were dangerously close to our barns and affecting their future safety and structural integrity. For 2019 we selectively planted a combined total of over 100 trees and flowering shrubs on our farm, and in 2020 hope to increase this number.


Your contributions to the farm can help us work on our goals of building our local ecosystem, which includes planting more trees to sequester carbon and build habitat for wildlife.


A portion of the purchase of this item will go directly towards planting one tree or flowering shrub in 2020, thank you for your support!

Dried Flowers / Black Walnut Base