Home is where the heart is ♡

Everyone has roots, where you came from / what you love doing over many years / your adventures and places you called home / your accomplishments both large and small / whatever it is that makes you go deep and grow bigger. After traveling and exploring and putting down roots different places, gathering life skills and experiences, ultimately I am back home to where it all started and I couldn't be happier.

Farming alongside family has made this experience even more meaningful, finding this opportunity was truly meant to be. I was looking for greenhouse parts last spring online and came across a listing that mentioned farm land located close to where I grew up. My first thought was wow, this is totally random, seriously!? We had already planned on expanding our permaculture no-till practices from our urban homestead to a larger farm scale operation in the future to offer sustainably grown produce to our local community. But we were unsure exactly where we wanted to end up because we really wanted to find a place we would love being for a long time. The fact that this was close to people we care about, and very accessible for lots of local communities that we both already know, we were really excited to check it out.

We called the listing and went there within the next day or so, and ended up meeting with the farm business owners Ammie and Greg, we had a 4 hour farm tour and conversation about so many different things, farming practices, organic growing / sustainability, different vegetables we all enjoyed growing and eating, and they showed us the entire property which was absolutely beautiful.

A few days later we came back to help with the potato planting and the rest is history. We just kept moving forward farming with the current farmers throughout this season, with a plan to keep growing on the land in a positive way and build it up to even better than it is now. All by using sustainable practices that enhance the environment. Which adds onto the many years it has already been farmed organically.

The farm land is protected from development by the Genesee Land Trust who preserves and protects natural lands and waterways that enhance the quality of life in the Greater Rochester region - providing wildlife habitat, locally grown food, and connections to nature.

For anyone interested in the details of our 2018 season once they are finalized, you can sign up to our email list and be the first to receive the info. There is lots to do to continue preparing for next season, and we are still putting the finishing touches on everything! The amount of support we have received from friends and family has been overwhelming! Such a positive response from our community. We are so excited to be farming in our local area and providing for our CSA members, friends, and family.

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