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No-till Farming

Regenerative and sustainable, enhancing the land using traditional and reliable methods.

Permaculture is described as the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. No-till farming increases organic matter retention and cycling of nutrients in the soil, while also decreasing erosion. Permanent cover crops such as clover are used in order to provide nitrogen fixation to crops, along with multiple other benefits. Organically grown straw used for mulch helps the soil retain moisture and increases beneficial microbe and mycorrhizal fungi activity towards the soil's surface where these activities are more concentrated. This combination of naturally increasing organic matter in the soil along with reducing erosion equals increased soil fertility and higher yields. A regenerative, sustainable, and productive way to farm the land for the short and long term. These methods actively contribute towards soil carbon restoration, which is necessary for our environment and ecosystem to thrive.

We use no synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, treated seed, chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, ever. We are committed to using growing methods that will enhance and preserve the land and environment for generations to come.

The farm land has a rich history having been organically farmed for the last 27 years, and protected from development by the Genesee Land Trust. For nearly three decades, Genesee Land Trust has worked to save natural lands in the greater Rochester area. Preserving land - over 5,000 acres - ensures that future generations may continue to enjoy the gift we inherited - an opportunity to have a relationship with nature, reaping all its benefits. For more information on how to volunteer or donate to the Genesee Land Trust visit: