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Flowers & foliage

From flower farming to houseplants, we have a lot of beauty to share.

My mom has been growing and collecting plants since 1975, spanning over the last 45 years. Decades of growth and appreciation has been shared from mother to daughter, we both have so much love and appreciation for all different kinds of flowers and plants. My mom has passed down a long legacy so it can continue to thrive and be shared with future generations of flower growers and plant lovers, and I am happy to continue the tradition.


I have always loved flowers, from watching them grow and admiring their beauty in the garden, to seeing pollinators and beneficial insects appreciating them all summer long. There are so many things to love. When we started our farm our focus was on mainly on vegetables but in any extra time we had I was also working on cleaning out beds to plant flowers, researching what I wanted to grow, and getting plants from my mom's garden to put into my perennial beds by our barns and greenhouse. My mom was also a huge help with designing and laying out some of my perennial garden areas that are densely planted and highly productive. Just to have her involved in the process has been so meaningful. Since the beginning of our farm, I have always looked forward to further expanding the scale and depth of our flower offerings. This is looking to be our biggest season yet for flowers, and I'm excited to share it all with you.


As an avid plant collector, I also love sharing with others from the collection of houseplants I have gathered over the years. Plants can bring great joy into your home and a piece of nature that you can nurture year round. Houseplants are also a great way to break yourself in for container gardening as it gets you familiar with what a plant needs and when it needs it. Care changes year round and is specific to each plant's needs, so it keeps you connected to the cycle that plants go through from season to season. Collecting and growing houseplants can bring a form of happiness that is so pure, because it originates from caring and loving something deeply. Your plants will thrive and love you back if you give them the right amount of love, sunlight, and water.


We are excited to offer more diverse and beautiful seasonal flower arrangements, a curated collection of houseplants, plus unique original gifts.

Flower farming practices

A beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers is sure to brighten up anyone's day or home. Even more so when they are all grown locally using permaculture no-till regenerative methods. Everything we produce is grown on a hand scale without using tractors so we are able to focus on intensive planting layouts, allowing us to grow more flowers in less space while using beneficial practices that sequester carbon and build soil by using a combination of both deep mulch and hugelkultur beds. Creating biodiversity and habitat for pollinators + beneficial insects is our top priority, and harvesting the flowers is second. All flowers we use are grown either on the farm or in our family garden. We do not ship in any flowers in that are used in our arrangements, connecting you to true local seasonal flowers all grown with love right here in Upstate New York. This also greatly minimizes the travel miles associated with our flowers and houseplants, creating a more positive environmental impact by eliminating the extra miles and fuel use associated with shipping in flowers from out of state. We look forward to sharing our beautiful seasonal blooms with you, as they are only available for local delivery during our outdoor growing season. Houseplants are also a great addition to your space, adding a unique touch of natural beauty to any place you put them. Our flowers and houseplants are a great option for anyone that enjoys supporting local regenerative New York flower farming and sustainably grown houseplants.

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