Our lifestyle interests

Our rustic life involves other interests beyond just regenerative agriculture, things such as: glassblowing, decoy carving, painting, collecting vintage, wool, upcycling, and using our hands to create with different mediums. As artists in the field continuously refining our methods and techniques used for regenerative farming, we are artists in other regards too and we appreciate having multiple mediums to express our ideas and creativity. Read below to learn more about the diverse interests that make up our rural Arcadian lifestyle.




1. rural, rustic, and peaceful especially suggesting simple, innocent contentment:

They shared the desire to live off the land and lead a life of Arcadian bliss.


2. one who leads or prefers a simple quiet rural life


Glass has been a medium that I have worked with for over two decades, and I am currently focused on using traditional techniques to create handblown ornaments made from borosilicate glass (which uses a smaller flame torch than large scale soft glass and some slightly different production techniques). Borosilicate glass is known for being extremely hard and durable. I produce all of my glass here in Upstate New York, and am proud to continue preserving the heritage of this centuries old art form.

I am also an avid duck hunter and painter, and over recent years came to realize that the tradition of hunting over wooden carved working decoys is something that not many modern day hunters are currently doing. Most decoys used today are injection molded plastic, even though decoy making is one of the oldest American folk arts. Wanting to eliminate plastic use while also creating a piece of functional art that can be hunted over and passed down generationally, I sought out to learn this traditional art form with the intention of creating working decoys that are both collectible and also meant to be hunted over. As I continue to expand my body of work, I am currently available for commissions. If you are interested in working together on creating either a single decoy or an entire rig of decoys, submit your request below for further discussion.


Creating with different art mediums has always interested me. Painting and drawing are where I started, and I still hold a strong interest in those mediums. When time allows I like to focus on recreating scenes based in nature, using either oil paint or watercolor.



Since the 90s, I have been collecting vintage and secondhand items. My first trip to a thrift store was with my mom when I was around 14 years old, and the allure has never worn off since. From picking up unique statement finds from different eras, to basic functional items and clothing that can serve everyday use, there are so many cool and useful vintage + secondhand items out there.


Another reason I have always appreciated vintage and secondhand items is because fast fashion is a major contributor to environmental pollution and also excessive consumerism, while there are so many amazing things that have already been produced that can fulfill all our needs. Shopping vintage and secondhand items can help to play an important role in minimizing negative environmental impacts that are caused by the fashion and production industries. Not to mention acquiring unique and special items from the past that can't always be readily found in today's marketplace. I hope you enjoy browsing through my thoughtfully curated selection of items that are available for purchase, and that you may find something that you love as much as I do, either to bring home for yourself or share with a friend.

We started raising heritage breed Shetland Sheep a couple seasons ago on our farm, and wool fiber is one of the most interesting parts about raising these beautiful animals. Shetlands are known for having fine soft fleece, and we have a range of colors in our flock. I will have a selection of wool available to order in the upcoming months when I have more time this fall / winter to wash and card it, plus I am also looking forward to learning how to spin it as well.

Upcycling is something that has come naturally to me over the years, having learned how to sew at a very young age I always enjoyed taking fabric from old unworn or vintage clothing and repurposing it into fresh new pieces. Breathing new life into things that would otherwise be discarded is a very fulfilling and eco minded practice. It helps to reduce waste by making something beautiful and useful out of what may typically be considered garbage. Lately my upcycled creations are centered around using reclaimed wood to make functional pieces meant to be filled with plantlife.